School Leadership Team


Jordan Knoetgen


Meet Jordan. He began his career in education back in 1999 as a college tutor and became a NYC-certified special educator in 2008. He started with Brilliant Microschool as a passionate, fun-loving middle school teacher, but quickly took on additional tasks such as curriculum writing, teacher training, and policy development until he was named Principal in 2023. As Principal of Brilliant Microschool, his primary mission is to ensure exceptional, passionate teachers and a thought-provoking, engaging curriculum, so that every student at BMS, regardless of their unique learning characteristics, can actualize their full potential and manifest their dreams, whatever they may be.


Lori Anderson

Dean of Student Progress

Meet Lori, an experienced educator with a dedicated 23-year career in teaching.
Her firm belief lies in the inherent ability of all students to learn, a conviction that guides her commitment to delivering instruction tailored to individual levels and presented in an engaging and enjoyable manner—a principle that fuels her enduring passion for education.


Katie Campos

Director of Student Engagement

Meet Katie. Being the Director of Student Engagement at Brilliant Microschool, she is passionate about fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment for students. With a commitment to harnessing the power of technology, she leads initiatives that promote active student participation and collaboration.

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River Blue Lotus

Assistant Principal

Meet River. River is an experienced Learning Specialist and Contemplative Educator. She believes in the importance of adaptability and organic growth within education. River started her career in 1998 as a Science educator and Emotional and Behavior Disorder Specialist, eventually transitioning into roles in academic leadership. Throughout her journey, River has consistently fostered inclusive, supportive learning environments tailored to the diverse needs of every student and teacher. Her experience in education reflects a passionate dedication to nurturing both academic and socio-emotional growth. River is honored to share time and space with all members of the BMS Community.

"The greatest gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers." - Thich Nhat Hanh

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Kelly Radigan

Assistant Principal

Meet Kelly. Kelly has over 12 years of experience in education. She holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and began her career teaching in NYC public schools. Kelly later became a Special Education Case Manager, advocating for students and ensuring smooth communication between students, staff, and families. She has also worked with future teachers completing their student teaching experience required for certification. Kelly enjoys bringing her love of learning to all students, encouraging them to take control of their learning and develop their personal interests. Kelly is passionate about the learning model here at Brilliant Microschool, and the personalized instruction students receive.


Rachel Gentillon

Assistant Principal

Meet Rachel. Her fervent and life-long dedication to learning and teaching stems from a deeply ingrained philosophy of inclusivity and empowerment. Her desire to create equitable educational opportunities for all learners originated with advocating for her sister with schizoaffective disorder and her brother with Down syndrome. In order to understand them and others like them, she has a pursued and earned degrees in Psychology, Spanish Education, Special Education, and Applied Behavioral Analysis. She has spent the last 15 years working to close the opportunity gap for underrepresented individuals as a Teacher, Behavior Specialist, Instructional Coach, Consultant, Curriculum Designer, and Administrator. Her passion extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her research collaborations with Boston University. Her research focuses on identifying and developing best teaching practices for neurodiverse learners. By embracing innovative teaching methodologies and advocating for marginalized student populations, she strives to foster a culture of learning that celebrates diversity and promotes holistic growth.

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Deborah Buttridge

Assistant Principal

Meet Deborah! Deborah began her career as an educator in 1994. She has taught a wide range of subjects in public, private, and charter schools, including math, language arts, English as a second language, and farm-to-fork sustainability. Deborah consistently incorporates cross-curricular and real-life connections into her teaching approach. She is deeply passionate about and dedicated to social-emotional learning as the basis for academic success for all students, regardless of their learning styles. Deborah has a particular interest in working with neurodiverse students and those who experience school-related anxiety, drawing from her personal experience as the mother of a large blended family. Deborah is proud to work at BMS alongside many talented educators who share the common objective of providing meaningful education to all students and families.

School Operations Team



Head of Registrar's Office

Claudia bridges the connection between our school's Parent Support and teachers. Leveraging her extensive background in education and customer success, she strengthens our administrative team, fostering a supportive environment for all.



Head of HR

An experienced HR professional with over a decade of recruiting and human resources expertise. Holding a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, John serves as the head of the HR team, ensuring that our new teachers not only meet the highest standards but also provide our students and their families with exceptional teaching guidance. With a commitment to maintaining employee satisfaction, John plays a pivotal role in creating a harmonious and successful work environment.



Head of Admissions & Partnerships

Patrick and his team are your first point of contact, working directly with families interested in joining our unique school. He leads a fantastic team committed to providing a top-notch enrollment experience, ensuring families feel valued and prepared. Patrick adds a personal touch to the admissions journey, always emphasizing that our students' learning experience is our top priority.



Head of TechOps

Meet Nicolas, a tech enthusiast & dedicated professional pursuing an MBA. Armed with an MSc in Advanced Information Systems, and various Project Management certificates, he adds valuable expertise to our team. As the head of our tech department, Nicolas ensures our systems meet the highest standards, ensuring an exceptional experience for our students and their families. Committed to continuous improvement, we strive for excellence in education by refining and optimizing our tech operations daily.



Teacher Support Lead

Her primary focus revolves around seamlessly onboarding new teachers and providing comprehensive assistance throughout their integration. Anastasia takes pride in meticulously organizing the training process, ensuring that our new educators are well-prepared and ready to excel when they step into their classrooms.

The Brilliant Microschool

Mission, Values & Vision


We unleash student growth with fun learning, sound values, and strong relationships. Students take small steps forward every day in friendly groups of ten. We steer their progress with regular, low-stakes checks instead of big, stressful tests. They learn to handle uncertainty, preparing them not for a specific kind of future but for a world of constant change.


Our Vision

The Brilliant Microschool will stand as the gold standard for K12 education, with intimate classrooms, future-focused curricula, and timeless teaching. We will break through walls, making real-world, engaging learning accessible to every curious mind around the world. Through each interaction, we'll not just prepare students for the future but empower them to create it.


Where Students Unlock Their Potential

What is the single most important trait of happy, successful people?
Taking initiative: being curious, questioning the status quo, deciding for oneself, exploring, finding your own way.

However, in most schools, students learn to follow orders, to be helpless without direction...

Self-reliant students 👉 Thriving adults