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The Homebrew School Builder's Club:
Exploring the Art of School Building

Welcome to The Homebrew School Builder's Club, where we delve into the minds of school founders and leaders, exploring their unique journeys and innovative approaches.

From curriculum development to student engagement, from hiring strategies to mastery-based learning, we uncover the art and science behind creating successful schools.

Podcast hosted by the Brilliant Microschool

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Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Ready to Explore the Unseen Aspects of School Building?

Venture Beyond Traditional Education Narratives

In Their Shoes

Want to understand how successful school founders balance the demands of educational standards with the need for creativity?

Behind the Scenes

Interested in how school schedules are tailored to diverse learning needs?

The Pulse of Education

Keen to stay updated with the latest trends in education, such as mastery-based learning and social-emotional education?

Looking for Guidance on Your Educational Journey?

Uncover Practical Wisdom and Transformative Insights

Moments of Metamorphosis

Need inspiration from real stories of transformative school cultures, impactful wellness initiatives, and serendipitous teacher collaborations?

Lighthouse Insights

Seeking practical strategies and insights from experienced leaders to navigate your own educational challenges?

Untold Chronicles

Curious about how other educators have navigated the challenges of hiring, legal issues, and assessment redesigns?

Want to Connect with Global Education Innovators?

Be Part of a Vibrant, Forward-Thinking Community

Harbor of Minds

ancy joining a global network of educators, founders, and leaders who are passionate about shaping the future of education?

Tide of Wisdom, Wave of Growth

Eager to engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas, and learn from a collective community of educational pioneers?

Chart Your Course

Ready to contribute your unique insights to the conversation and play a part in shaping the future of learning?

Our Episodes

Dive into Engaging Conversations with Innovators in Education


We See School Through Six Brilliant Learning Blocks

Fun: We put engagement in the driver's seat and strip down learning goals to a few irresistible units
Pathways: We design differentiated learning journeys
Routines: We teach through the 5E framework and educational protocols
Mastery: We insist on mastery-based assessment and progression
Resourcefulness: We teach practical skills and technology
Social Emotional Learning: We strengthen your students' self-management through positive reinforcement

What We Believe About Learning

Here are some short, concise notes about our pedagogy.

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